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FOREX News Trading - What Are The Odds - USD-Existing Home Sales Report

FOREX News Trading - What Are The Odds - USD-Existing Home Sales Report

Tony Long

Currency trading the economic news reports released periodically by various nations can be profitable. That is, if you have some idea how that news will benefit or not benefit the country releasing the news. But, when the "actual" is not as "forecast", surprises move the market.

Knowing what the odds are of how the currency traders will react when a news report is not as "forecast" provides a good opportunity for profitable "scalps".

The US Existing Home Sales Report is one of the news releases which is predictable most of the time - this e-book provides some insight into the odds.

With information gathered since 2010, there were 14 trades during 9 news releases, with a 64% win rate. Not bad while I was feeling my way through this project.

Included in this e-book are 3 illustrations of setups, videos and charts of news releases. Also, information about the 6 other traded news releases.

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