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The Forex Trader's Bill of rights

The Forex Trader's Bill of rights

Richard OlsenMichael StummTom Grizzard& 0 more

While forex is the most active, most competitive market on earth, it remains a maze of outmoded processes and vested interests that inflate cost and risk. With prices skewed through the arbitrary intervention of middlemen who take but don’t give.

The technology and demographics of currency trading have shifted fast. More traders participate online—and they’re not just speculators out to make a fast buck. Forex is no longer the exclusive playground of the big, the rich and the powerful.

This book is thoughtful analysis of the forex marketplace by an insider, a market maker called OANDA. Long a specialist in currency conversion, OANDA branched out in 2001 to re-define the business of currency trading.

From day one — through its online trading platform, pricing practice, and execution — OANDA set out to reject the old and shape the new. Because they thought there had to be a better way.

More than just whistle-blowing, The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights recommends specific actions traders can take to reject long-standing abuses and inefficiencies and make this market better.

Not in some utopian future. Now.

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