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Advanced Technical Analysis The Complex Technical Analysis of Assets (Techncial Analysis)

Advanced Technical Analysis The Complex Technical Analysis of Assets (Techncial Analysis)

Wojciech Jakub Podobas

The book is addressed to professional traders, investors, and economists that would like to explore new possibilities in financial market trend analysis. The book elaborates on Complex Technical Analysis that bases on compound analysis of assets where standard technical analysis tools as Moving Average are influenced by more variables than the price of the single asset. The book delivers a new way of creating technical indicators and presents some of the new technical analysis tools as General Trend Indicator or Options Arbitrage Index.
Furthermore, the paper describes potential modifications for all of the existing technical analysis indicators focusing on new types of Moving Average – XMA and a new type of Relative Strength Index – XRSI that present enormous potential for application in trading and investing allowing to personalize both of the indicators.
What is more, the complex technical analysis theory, presented in the book, allows an investor to modify all of the technical tools he or she uses to reach more personalized goals. The modifications of standard technical analysis tools allow for the faster indication of buy/sell signals at once with fewer jigsaws creation. The presented modifications in RSI and Moving Averages enable using technical analysis in bigger scale examination of price trends, analyzing one particular economic sector, a country economy or even whole global economy patterns.
One of the most important new technical indicator introduced by the book the GTI - General Trend Indicator tracks the oversold and overbought levels in commodities, stocks, indices, bonds and currencies in the variety of scales, from one asset till global market analysis. The next indicator – The Arbitrage Index is the first technical indicator designed for Options trading that creates arbitrage in and out points, where options trading is profitable.
In outline, by introducing new technical indicators, the book focuses on a new way of creating technical analysis tools, and new applications for the technical analysis that goes beyond the single asset price trend examination.

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