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FOREX Perfection In Manual, Automated And Predictive Trading

FOREX Perfection In Manual, Automated And Predictive Trading

Mostafa Afshari

From the very beginning and during writing this book one question was always in my mind: "how much this book will benefit the reader?" Finally I organized the book in three parts (Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading) to make sure at least one method solves the problem of Forex trading for the reader. In Manual Trading I have explained the best manual trading strategies and the most probable entry and exit signals. Automated Trading is the next part in which you will learn to develop your own trading ideas and strategies using a super easy, smart, advanced, free and all in one software in no time and make your trading 100% automated. Forex income on autopilot is not a dream anymore. In Predictive Trading, as it appears from the topic, you will learn top methods of next day price prediction. Just imagine how much difference will it make if you know prices of tomorrow in advance! This book is aimed to all retail traders (beginner or experienced), institutional traders, automated and algorithmic trading developers, Forex and financial markets researchers and all people who want to learn about some new possibilities in Forex trading.

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