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The Amazing Zeelander Fly Trap Forex Trading System

The Amazing Zeelander Fly Trap Forex Trading System

Thomas Willmott

Do you want to create your own Amazing Forex Buy and Sell Signals?

Then this book is a must read.

It delivers two powerful, easy-to-understand methods for determining when there has been a change in the primary price trend – as well as how you can turn that reversal signal into a great entry for your trade. The book includes 21 chart illustrations using more than six different currency pairs and clearly shows how your new Metatrader template pinpoints these changes in trend.

You will learn how you can:

Select the most important indicators for your charts and templates.
Anticipate the volatility of fundamental economic announcements.
Understand the importance of interest rates and central bank policy.
Determine which Forex session time is best for your trading.
Pick your entry price, stop loss and profit target levels.
Know when to drop down from one chart timeframe to another.
Keep your emotions in check when trading a live account.
Create a profitable 5 minute scalping strategy.
Optimize the most popular currency software platform, Metatrader.
Use either system for swing trades on a 4 hour, daily or weekly chart.
Trade with the Trend in Forex for maximum profits.

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the seven most important issues facing Forex traders. If you are a beginner, it will accelerate your learning curve by helping to avoid pitfalls and detours. If you are an experienced investor or futures trader, it will give you the information you need to crossover into the world of Forex.

The book also includes access to free, bonus YouTube videos that review each of the Figures and reinforce the two Amazing methods.

So now -- Let’s get some pips!!

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