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Trading Range-Bound Markets in Forex

Trading Range-Bound Markets in Forex

Greg Michalowski

While currency markets often exhibit long-term trends that mosttraders love, they sometimes lapse into trading ranges for extendedperiods of time. In those environments, traders need to adjusttheir approaches in order to capture profits from shorter and morefrequent market swings. In this video, Greg Michalowski revealstactics and strategies that work in markets where the fundamentalsare unable to create a sustainable trend. He asserts that tradersshould trade less; wait for good trade location; take partialprofits when possible; follow popular technical indicators; bealert for technical failures; and be quick to abandon fundamentalviews that are not borne out by price action. Michalowski notesthat in trending markets, fundamentals overpower technicals. Intrading range markets, technicals trump fundamentals. That beingthe case, he advocates that traders pay close attention to widelyfollowed indicators, including 100-day and 200-day moving averages;Fibonacci retracements; and simple trend lines, and wait formultiple confirmations before entering a trade. Citing severalexamples from the U.S. dollar market, Michalowski demonstrates howan intersection of trend lines and the 100- and 200-day movingaverages was a springboard to one of the biggest moves of 2012. Formultiple time-frame confirmation, Michalowski suggests traders usedaily, hourly, and five-minute charts. Once a move has started, itshould continue as long as the 100-day moving average, trend line,and Fibonacci retracements are not violated. If these key technicallevels are violated, it's a signal to get out of the trade. Filledwith real-world examples, this video will teach you:

  • How to construct a long-term technical map of the market
  • How to profit in tight trading range markets
  • How to "risk a little" capital to make "more than a little" inprofits
  • How to determine when a trading range is ending and new trendis emerging
  • How to use key technical tools to time entries and exits

Practical and easy to understand, the insights and strategies inthis video will give you the perspective to assess market movementsand pinpoint low-risk trading opportunities.

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