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The Foreign Exchange Currency Market: How to Trade the FOREX for Beginners: REAL-LIFE Trades for a $400 1-day Return

The Foreign Exchange Currency Market: How to Trade the FOREX for Beginners: REAL-LIFE Trades for a $400 1-day Return

Dr. Kelli DuCloux

$346.67 with only 23 trades and in ONE DAY and NO BROKERS FEES!!!

Have YOU seen a $222 one-day trade? Can you do one? Do you know how?

This book shows you the actual trades that were made in ONE day Jan 4th, 2015 to be exact. Not some old trades from years ago. This is current information. The author provides actual screenshots of each trade directly from the trading program. You will see the money made on each trade, even the ones that lost money.


No other book will be this open. No one else wants to show the world ALL the trades. Instead, they'll leave some out to "cook the books" and prop up the "bottom line" so that it's nice fluffy and nice. This book tracks all the trades made in one account on 1 day and you get to SEE THEM ALL.

The SECRETS are revealed in THIS BOOK!

Don't miss this easy-to-read and understand book that you can literally use as an instruction manual for making money.

With the stock market at record highs, can you afford to not be a part of an exchange that lets YOU make the trades? No broker needed. No shady trades done behind closed doors that leave you out in the cold.

Here, with the FOREX, you make the calls. You make the trades. You are in total control at ALL times.

Let's be honest... Not all trades are winners but do you know WHY some didn't make a profit. Find out why some trades work and others don't. This material is gold for the material it gives and the simplicity of style and presentation.

This will be the best money you have ever spent to learn about investing. No need to pay thousands of dollars for a seminar or some expensive CD or computer program. This book gives the skinny. I'll even spill the beans, the last SIX pages are where the money is.


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