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Mastering the 3 / 6 Crossover Forex Strategy and Repeat Until Wealthy

Mastering the 3 / 6 Crossover Forex Strategy and Repeat Until Wealthy

Joseph Wohlers

This book will teach you a very simple and lucrative trading method you can repeat over and over and profit easily on any time frame you may prefer. You won't need any custom indicators, and you can even use a smart phone very effectively to find great trade set ups. I will teach you exactly how I maintain a 75% winning ratio. You only need one great trading method that you can repeat until wealthy. I will teach you how to pick the more favorable trading conditions that will further improve your odds of winning. This method can be used in any market, any time frame, although higher time frames like 30 minute charts or higher will produce even less false signals and grant you even higher reward to risk ratios. Bottom line, I can make a consistent 80 - 100 pips a week, and now you too will learn the skills and market psychology needed to win in the trading business.

If you purchase this kindle eBook, I will personally provide you with a download web link for a second eBook absolutely free. At your request, you will receive my best selling eBook that explains how to maximize Forex trading profits with a very unique Bollinger band trading method that produces very consistent Forex profits.

You will get my personal Metatrader 4 template and precise technical settings needed to precisely time your market entries in any time frame to produce consistent Forex profits. I receive emails daily from my Forex students around the world, asking me how they can overcome their current failing trading habits and learn how to build consistent profits, and I answer every email. I want to be your mentor, because I have a strong desire to help every single student learn how to harness the skills needed to succeed as a professional trader. You will get service after the sale with me. This trading method will help anybody build consistent Forex profits - just follow the trading rules and REPEAT UNTIL WEALTHY!

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