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Forex trading system - Scalping in flat markets - missing part of your trading (Forbi Moderate Swing Trading System)

Forex trading system - Scalping in flat markets - missing part of your trading (Forbi Moderate Swing Trading System)

Paulius Kurlavicius

Most forex trading system and guides are consisted of tens or hundreds of pages while the effect and benefits remains pour - you do not get knowledge and confidence you need to trade. This system is straightforward - very strict trade open and close rules which are easy to follow.


Even flat markets tends to move (slower, but still moving). And it is possible to take advantage of those moves, either it is up or down. This system is very simple - only 2 indicators. As you will be scalping in slow and flat markets, potencial losses are very very small, but win/loss ratio is averaging at about 80%! Go ahead - take advantage of the markets any time you need instead of waiting for the right moment to get in.


very simple (genius ideas are simple ones)
highly profitable
low losses/low risk
proven strategy
about 80% win/loss ratio
This trading strategy can be great added value to your existing trading strategy, so you could be trading ANY TIME you want, instead of waiting for the markets to become volatile or trending enough to start trading.

What currency pairs can I trade?

This strategy works well on other currency pairs as long as they are slow or flat enough. If they become volatile, system just won't suggest you trading. You can check my other systems for trading in volatile markets.

What time frames can I trade?

This system works well on 5M and 15M time frames. Trading on 1M is possible too, but wins might be even or lower than your spread, so consider that before switching to 1M.


What is important to be successful in trading forex, futures and commodities? Successful trading strategy brings only 1/3 of success, the rest commponents are trading psichology and money management. Successful trading strategy can not bring you constant profits without other two commponents.
This is short term trading strategy, so you won't be waiting too long for profits!

Follow the guide and you will have full potential to grow your account constantly!

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