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Forex Trading - starting from £500 to becoming a millionaire in 3 years

Forex Trading - starting from £500 to becoming a millionaire in 3 years

Ryan Grey

About Me:

I have been professionally trading forex for 1 year now in the UK and I am 23 years old. I got into investing when i turned 18 years old and bought gold and silver bullion through which doubled between January 2011 and August 2011 after seeing the power of investing I decided to commit myself to doing what It took to master all of the swings of trading gold and silver.


With my strategy you WILL be able to IDENTIFY the tops and bottoms. This is the strategy I use to trade and it has proved successful. If you aren't satisfied with the strategy I will give you the small amount it cost you to purchase my book. However I will be doing updates as I improve over time and you would be entitled to every update.

I honestly don't see why you can't follow my strategy there are distinct rules. Banks and big hedge funds work on the daily charts so you will not be looking at small time frames (hourly, 30 minute, 15 minutes and below are a NO). My trades can last for up to 5 trading days. That is about the maximum i have ever seen the market move in one direction consistently. Without reversing for a day.

Imagine if you could predict the market every day up or down and get it right, you would become rich in no time. With my strategy it will allow you to accurately predict this, not every time. No one is that good. News events happen.

I have had 1 losing month out of 11 this year.

November-March is the best time of the year for trading my strategy. I short gold at 1140 2 weeks ago it went to 1074. I got out a very nice 66% profit.

Money back guarantee:

If the strategy fails to report gains after 6 months you will be eligible for a money back guarantee. I'm confident with this.

Thanks for reading.

See you on the other side.


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