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Samuel Trump and Robert Thomas

Forex...The Whole Truth! My own insights and to give some training to anyone wanting to get started in the world of Foreign Currency trading. Forex Trading can be an exciting opportunity to make some money. However you need to know, “The Whole Truth.” I give you all the information that most will not tell you.
Gives an introduction to the moving parts of trading the Forex. Understand how the Forex Rates translate into a profit or loss. What are Forex Options? How do I get accurate Forex Charts? What are the Forex Market Hours? How do the Forex Robots work, and can I use one? Forex vs. Stocks. The many parts of trading currencies and those that can provide some lucrative income.
I show how to jump in and get your feet wet without risking everything but your time. I give suggestions on how to grow from getting your feet wet with a Mini account with minimum investment to playing with big money.
It has been a great experience for me and I have consistently made money with minimum investments. Last year it was the majority of my income. I am still learning, but am growing my investment and having a ball.

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