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Forex Trading Strategies: Day Trading Bible: Fundamental & Technical Strategies For Pipology

Forex Trading Strategies: Day Trading Bible: Fundamental & Technical Strategies For Pipology

Daniel Brunson

The last few years of the 90's era found day trading gaining popularity in what is known as a bull market. This is described as the buying then selling of stocks in very short time spans and this is generally within a day. It is the exceptional ease of accessing markets via inexpensive computers as well as remarkably fast internet access that has caused a multitude of individuals to get interested in day trading and its profit-making potential.

The two techniques that are involved in day trading strategies that a trader can chose from involve trying to grab and maintain short term trends or to beat spread. The spread essentially is the difference which can be found between what is known in this area as the ‘bid’ (stock offer) and the stock requested price (the ‘ask'). What spread trading entails is the attempt of traders to make their purchase at the offer for the stock then sell this several times at the ask.

In Forex swing trading, the technical indicators that are involved are basically utilized by the trader to find out where the market is heading. When compared to spread trading, swing trading does not call for the quantity of trades that is required by spread trading but a trader is able to get a more substantial profit when swing trading is practiced.

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