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The Forex Gamer - Master the Technical Trading Knowledge to Win the Game of Forex

The Forex Gamer - Master the Technical Trading Knowledge to Win the Game of Forex


Are you new to Forex Trading and want to learn about it but don't want to pay for those expensive three day courses?

Or, are you one of those Beginner Forex Traders who had just graduated from those expensive three days courses and thought you can make a lot of money straight away from the first day, only to end up every devastated after blowing out the trading account with your own hard earned money?

Or, are you still struggling from the lack of Technical Trading Knowledge to trade the Forex market effectively after a period of trading experience?

The this book is definitely most suitable for you!

The Forex Gamer is the first ever Total Complete Forex book that you will get to learn about the Technical Trading Knowledge which is the same stuff taught by those expensive Forex courses in the market without ever the need to burn a big hole in your wallet.

In this book, you will find out about Technical Trading Knowledge such as:

- The Basic of Forex Trading
- Fundamental Analysis
- Technical Analysis
- Sentimental Analysis
- Forex Indicators and Oscillators
- Forex Chart Patterns
- Forex Candlestick Patterns

You will also get to find out the most crucial elements that separates the Professional Traders and Amateur Traders in the success of Forex Trading such as:

- Mastering the Art of Risk Management
- Mastering of Trading Psychology

By equipping yourself with the knowledge which consist in the book around 245 pages, you can perform the Accumulation of Trading Experience to transform yourself into a winning trader in the game of Forex and create massive wealth along your trading journey.

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