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Peak Performance Forex Trading - How Average Traders Can Consistently Achieve Peak Performance In Forex Trading

Peak Performance Forex Trading - How Average Traders Can Consistently Achieve Peak Performance In Forex Trading

Keong Hee Yeo

NOTE: This book comes complete with detailed, colored graphs (with moving averages of different colors) and illustrations. To get the most out of this book, download and read it on Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad or Kindle for iPhone.

More and more retail traders are looking to generate quick wealth by trading the currency market. However, why do most traders continue to struggle in their journeys of trading this volatile market?

This book has been written as a sequel to the national bestseller (Singapore), "Secrets of Forex Millionaires". In this practical and candid book, you will realize…

• Why the get-rich-quick hype about Forex trading causes most retail traders to know very little about successful trading

• How the average person can outperform the vast majority of Forex traders by building the necessary skill-set based on the most essential principles of powerful trading strategies

• What counter-productive beliefs tend to sabotage your trading performance

• How you can re-condition your mind to boost your chances of reaching your financial goals through trading the Forex market

Power-packed with hundreds of pages of strategies, graphs and illustrations, "Peak Performance Forex Trading" brilliantly outlines what it takes to lift yourself from the vast majority of traders.

Quite simply, it guides you through the essential elements of building your trading business through systematic and thoughtful planning.

This book is a must-read for anyone who is genuinely motivated to successfully build a legitimate and sustainable business through Forex trading!

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