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Earn in Forex Trading while you eat, play and sleep

Earn in Forex Trading while you eat, play and sleep

Hongchang Shao

Everybody can trade, but not everybody can truly beat the market.

This book on forex trading is not just any other run of the mill book on the same topic. Most books teach the techniques but do not mention how much time you need to spend, or whether it is actually feasible to execute the trading strategy. You are a busy person with a lot going on in your life, how can you afford to trade well?

The title, Earn While You Eat, Play and Sleep, explains the crux of the book. It allows you to spend just a few moments a day trading, while freeing up the rest of your time to do what is really important in your life.

Inside this book, it teaches you how to trade daily using lesser time, facing lesser stress, while STILL racking up an impressive profit over the years. The steps, whilst simple to understand, are not easy to implement. And that is what the book is for: to help you implement it, for correct implementation is 90% of the game plan.

A must-read for those who want to trade, and still want to enjoy themselves without staring at their screens all day long!

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