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FOREX MARKET DRIVE: The driving wheel of FOREX market to your advantage

FOREX MARKET DRIVE: The driving wheel of FOREX market to your advantage

Thabo Peter Kalake

Fundamental analysis look at the external factors that affect the market prices of assets. Market research is central to fundamental analysis because any information that can may shed light on an asset true value, I.e. the direction that the market is likely to go, is extremely valuable. This information comes in the form of economic indicators ( interest rates decision, GDP figures, and employment report), market news ( mergers), bankruptcies), geopolitical news ( global conflicts, natural disasters) and the reading of sentiment. Some place sentiment in to a third school of its own , but due to it being closely tied to other fundamental analysis.

With traders being so well suited to trading an events, fundamental analysis tends to be the main kind of analysis employed by traders, while technical analysis indicators are commonly employed to help fine tune the best entry point for trade.

Generally the most gradable fundamentals are economic indicators. These are the reports that are released periodically and provide data on a state of an country or region’s economy. These are release weekly, monthly,quarterly or annually, and are very closely monitored by traders due to the significant effects they have on the currencies used by the country in question.

Economic indicators

An economic indicator is a statistic about the economy which allows analysis of economic performance and predictions of the future performance ,basically indicating how well the economy is doing and how well the economy is going to do in the future.

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