iPartner4: The contest results

iPartner4: The contest results

On 10 October “iPartner4” contest was finished. For the whole month the participants have been fighting for the Best Partner title and prizes by FBS! 

And today we are pleased to announce the winners’ names! 

1st place is taken by our partner from Vietnam, Minh Ngoc. During the contest period, he collected 700 points. His prize by FBS is iPhone 6 Plus Gold 128 Gb

2nd place and iPhone 6 Plus Silver 64 Gb are deservedly given to the partner from Indonesia, Andri Yanto. His final result is составил 610 points. 

3rd place is occupied by our contestant from Ukraine, Georgiy Syrovaten. He gained 560 points in the contest and gets an iPhone 6 Gray 64 Gb

We sincerely congratulate the winners! Become a partner of FBS and start making your fortune right now!

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