The situation with CHF didn''t affect the FBS company work

The situation with CHF didn''t affect the FBS company work

Dear Clients!

We're eager to inform you that the situation on Forex connected with Swiss Frank didn't affect the usuall work schedule of FBS company. 

The Swiss National Bank’s move to abandon franc’s peg to euro turned out to be a shock for the market as EUR/CHF plunged by 30% on Thursday. 

Many Forex brokers suffered big losses as their clients’ positions got wiped out. 

Nevertheless, FBS Inc. officially declares that we continue our normal operation. FBS had no repercussions caused by these events because of the company''s reasonable risk management and at the moment we keep working in accordance with all our due obligations and requirements laid by the organizations we are regulated by. 

Choose FBS and trade with a reliable broker!

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