Ramadan Results

Ramadan Results

Ramadan is over, but your kindness is endless! Thanks for sharing your success for a good reason. We hope that this holy month of Ramadan has gifted you with calm spirit, devotion, and mind purification. There is no doubt that all the prayers and good deeds made someone’s life better.

This year we managed to collect $241,221 to support nine charitable organizations in different countries of the vast Muslim world. Together we contributed to the wellbeing of children and seniors, victims of disasters and social inferiors, orphans and families in need.

Every tiny contribution was meaningful! Some participants made the collected funds raise dramatically. Here are our Top-5 contributors:

  1. 220139701, Pakistan
  2. 230472744, Egypt
  3. 230483405, Egypt
  4. 230509172, United Arab Emirates
  5. 220153979, Egypt

It is amazing that you could make your trading work for good deeds!

FBS Team is grateful for each and everyone one of you for this unforgettable experience of unity and social responsibility.

Stay tuned to watch a detailed report about Ramadan!

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